Pickle Confessions

I'm pro pickleMy name's Nyx. Very NSFW. Metalocalypse, Venture Brothers. I'm NB. They/them or xhe/hir is fine by me.

hey guys I got home and everything was dark and I was like ooh boy what this and the power was out for like an hour or something and so I was waiting with my next door tenants while the power got fixed and I was in the middle of a sentence when the lights suddenly came back on and I madE A REALLY LOUD NOISE OF SUPRISE so that was my socializing for the day I think

I love my binder but damn tits are itchin up a storm tonight

I think I kinda realized the thing that I would most like to be as a career would be someone that does stand up comedy or something like that but I’m not consistently funny enough I don’t think plus that’s such a hard career to be good at so NNNNOPE lol no dreams allowed in this country back to work drone

FUCK MAN today before I went to work I accidentally mashed my lipstick up and got it all over my hands somehow and THEN I dropped the lipstick lid down the drain!! And it went down the wHOLE DRAIN! And I was like ok well bye lipstick it was nice while it lasted


ok goodnight for real

boy howdy seems like I only ever putz around on tumblr when I DONT have the time 

I’m starting a nathan/pickle playlist for the sole purpose of including this song in it it’s ok you don’t have to tell me im trash I know it im proud

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#abuse list comes from this post

skwisgaar’s on top, nathan and pickles together in the middle bc they treat toki about the same, murderface on bottom

i only highlighted what i remembered for sure happening and i could be forgetting some but


ooh shit the screen looks like its swaying my eyes are fucked looooooooool